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About Abshar Pharma

From its earliest beginning in 2008 Abshar Pharma has been known for the quality of its products and services and has earned a good reputation as the MAJOR SUPPLIER of wide range of pharmaceuticals, Medical Equipment’s, laboratory, healthcare products and consumable in all over Afghanistan in both private sector as well as governmental section. A controlled expansion program since 2006 has directed the company to diversity into further fields of specialization. Today manufacturing, supply, distribution, services …are served by higher trained teams and doctors. Medical engineers, pharmacists, professionals and technicians through providing turnkey operation. Being in such position, Abshar Pharma is in cooperation and direct connection with the world’s prime companies. Our products and services are visible in 48 easily accessible agencies covering whole Afghanistan supported by extensive warehouse and the future by one of the finest fabrication facilities in Afghanistan.


To actively participate and become a premier player in the rapidly growing market in the region and in the segments where the company provides products and services to the local economies, thus, the company is being successful in maintaining a stable and impressive position.

2005: establishment of company with 3 main branches | 2006: establishment of 8 sales agencies in major provinces of Afghanistan | 2007: extended the business field to medical and laboratory  | 2009: direct presence in 16 provinces of Afghanistan and covering 6 other provinces indirectly. |  2010: started re-exports to neighbor countries (Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan)


The management’s expertise provides the company with a unique and exceptional knowledge, experience and resource for considering investment in a wide variety of segments and geographical regions. The managements team is a group of seasoned investment professionals led by Dr Mohammad Salim Eraj Yasin a prominent entrepreneur of Afghanistan, who as usual brings together significant experience and skill to convert each business opportunity to success. The team maintains high levels ethical and professional standards.
Abshar Health Group Leader
Professor Dr M Rahim Yasin he has over 40 years’ experience in medical business he is an internal medicines professor he is a big leader his business include (medical equipment – medical software – hospitals – medicines import and distribute and soon medicines manufacture inside of Afghanistan) the Abshar distributing group is a part of Abshar health group.

Dr M Salim Eraj Yasin big son of big leader, the chairman, a medical and business graduate has over 15 years of experience in corporate management which include a strong record of effective leadership that paved the way for expanding the business operation . Besides being the chairman of Abshar Pharma Company he is on the board of international chamber of commerce of Afghanistan and Afghanistan pharmaceutical service union – Afghanistan doctor and health worker administration board member – Afghanistan cardiology association member and supporter.
Chief executive officer
Mr. M Samir Yasin a bachelor of pharmacy is an experienced executive with a broad background in various business fields since past 10 years he has been successfully managing activities of the whole company. He is also he member of international chamber of commerce of Afghanistan.